Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decluttering Advent Days 11 & 12: It's the Busiest Time of the Year!

If you're a parent, especially one with school-aged children, then you know that weekend days are often the busiest days. Lately, this has been true for us in spades! Between Boys Scouts, church, parties and various other things, it's been hectic. Still, my husband and I have been handling it the way we've always handled busy weekends. We divide and conquer. We each take a kid to his activities and trade off taking care of the toddler. It works. That is, it has until this weekend.

My husband, who is an IT Director at a computer company, had a work crisis. His company's computers and their major client's computers have all contracted a virus, and a bad one at that. So, his entire stressed-out weekend has been spent in the office cleaning up everything with the hopes that they'll be back to normal in time for the start of the work week Monday morning. That means that I've had to get two different kids to their various obligations, pick them up when they are done and bring the toddler with me everywhere.

The bright spot is that my house is in pretty good shape as far as cleaning goes. I think this is due in part to me staying on top of my decluttering efforts. I haven't put a lot of time into cleaning each day, but what I've done has made an impact. Of course, all the bedrooms are a mess, but our visible living space is in good shape. I am very grateful for that today! Here are the decluttering advent tasks for yesterday and today.

December 11
Clean the Entryway

The entrance to a house has a tendency to get messy fast. It can be a repository for shoes, mail and various other things. To clean this area, straighten the shoes, take care of the mail and redistribute any items that don’t belong there to the proper location. Sweep or vacuum the floor. To finish, wipe down the door with a damp rag

December 12
15-minute General De-clutter

Today is the half-way to Christmas point. Holiday preparations are likely in full swing. You may have been to a holiday party or two already. You may have given and received a few gifts, baked cookies and wrapped presents. Spending time on holiday prep means that regular housekeeping chores may be going overlooked or half done. Take 15 minutes today to race around the house putting away clutter, straightening and tidying. You’ll be surprised at how productive 15 minutes can be! Photo courtesy of ppdigital at Morguefile.

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  1. Wonderful how the getting organized strategy has helped you be able to handle it all! You inspire! 15 min. is such a good strategy.

  2. Thanks, Carol! After working on decluttering for about 2 years, I can honestly say that it has made a difference. Doing it a little at a time works and creates the daily (or almost daily) decluttering habit!