Friday, December 31, 2010

When Do You Take Down the Christmas Tree?

Is your Christmas Tree still up? Ours is. I know a lot of people in real life that have taken their tree down already. One of my old friends from high school posted on Facebook that her parents always took their tree down on Christmas Day! Is that strange? Or is my family the strange one?

Honestly, I'm getting itchy to take the tree down. It looks messy and is making the living room feel cluttered. I do love looking at all the ornaments and lights, but the magical, Christmas feeling is gone. The rest of the family wants to leave the tree up until after the new year. I'm outnumbered on this, but it's only for another day or two anyway. I can live with it.

In other parts of the world, some people celebrate Epiphany on January 6th. This is the day the Three Kings arrived with their gifts for the Baby Jesus. Some cultures give gifts to children on this day instead of on Christmas Day. I'm assuming that Christmas decorations are typically kept up through the sixth of January for those that celebrate. In the Victorian era, according to Sarah Ban Breathnach in Mrs. Sharp's Traditions (Simple Abundance Press, 1990), families didn't take down all of their Christmas decorations until Candlemas Day on February 2nd. That seems strange in our modern life, when we just want to get on to the next thing. Most of us are thinking spring and wondering what the ground hog saw that day! 

I'll likely put all the decorations away on Monday, the first day the boys go back to school after the holiday break. It's much easier to keep organized as I go with only one set of little hands helping, not three. What about you?  When are you taking your tree down?


  1. We took our tree down December 28th when we had a college student from our church here to help us. It is one of those beautiful artificial trees with built-in lights. Matt covered the three sections with garbage bags and brought them up the latter in the garage for storage in the attic. Previous years we waited longer over the New Years Even events. It feels good to have in down now.


  2. We took ours down yesterday, when in a housewide cleanup we decided it was just taking up space in our not-too-giant loungeroom. Also, the longer it was up, the more my kids wanted to play with it!
    I think growing up, my family would take ours down on New Years Day.

  3. Today!! Every year on New Years Day. I always feel like we should wait until the Epiphany.. but we just want have our house back in order.

  4. No joke, my brother had been away serving a church mission and missed two Christmases. My family decided to leave up the decorations and celebrate Christmas when he got home... in MARCH. Ever since, my mother is DONE with Christmas on December 26th. All decorations come down within one or two days of the holiday. As for me, I usually try to wait out a week or so, but most of the time only last a few days. This year I made it to the 29th before I felt the need to reclaim my home.

    Thanks for the anthropology lesson on Christmas Deco. I enjoyed reading it!

  5. March?! Yikes! Though, I understand her reason for it. :)