Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrate the New Year with Free Printable Calendars

Do you still use paper calendars? Or, have you gone high tech and switched to digital? I'm still old school in this area. I like my paper calendars. For me, it's so much easier to have a hard copy of my schedule to glance at for the information I need. I don't have to wait for pages to load, scroll down to see important things or spend time typing in my activities and appointments. I definitely see the appeal of phone or computer calendars. Back when I worked in an office, my boss used a computer calendar program. It made a lot of sense for her. We could both see her schedule and add or delete things as needed. Maybe it would make sense for my husband and I to have a similar system. Though, I have a feeling, in that case, I'd be the one doing all the adding, deleting and checking!
Photo courtesy of doctor_bob at Morguefile.

I use three paper calendars. I have a pretty one hanging on my kitchen wall, I have the current month on the refrigerator and I have a small day book in my purse. My fridge calendar is, by far, the most important. This is where I write everything. All of the kids' activities, my important deadlines for writing work, appointments and whatever else comes up is logged here. It's a simple system that keeps our household running.

At the beginning of each month, I print out a free calender page that I found through Google. I go through any sports schedules that we have, Cub & Boy Scout schedules, appointment cards, etc. and write everything down on the master schedule. I try to remember to fill in my purse calender with the same info, but I don't always get to it. I mostly use that to write down important dates that get scheduled when I'm out of the house. As soon as I get home, I transfer them to the refrigerator calendar.  Because I don't keep the day book updated, I sometimes have to make phone calls to reschedule things that conflict with something else on our schedule.

How do you keep your schedule organized? Are you digital and happy about it? Or, are you like me and still using pen and paper for keeping track of your family's activities?  


  1. I love the huge FlyLady one that started last September I believe. My husband with beginning Alzheimer's relies heavily on that FlyLady one.

    I am also recycling a small calendar in my purse. I got several free from a bookstore and I correct the dates for that small one. I also keep calendars from several years for reference. Clutter? Perhaps.


  2. I'm currently digital on my Macbook. There is this really nice calendar application in which you can make little time blocks each day in different colors to show what kind of activity it is! I love it!

    It is, however, more technological than I'd like to be. I'm only eighteen years old, but I find myself clinging to the old vintage organizer I used to carry everywhere with me. I've always loved traditional trimmings that come along with the southern lifestyle I wish to have when I'm older.

    I actually just got the new nook e-reader, and have decided that I miss collecting the paperback copies of my favorite books.

    Move along with technology, or cling to tradition? I'm still lost as to what to do.