Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Decluttering on TV!

I'm watching The Middle on ABC right now.  I love this show!  On tonight's episode, the parents decided to take the house back from the kids. The mom, Frankie, cleaned all of the kids' stuff out of the family room, put it in the kids' bedrooms and threw out whatever wasn't claimed!  That hits home, for sure!  I would love to clean out our living room and keep it toy free. I know some families do that. Is it practical? By the way, I love TV shows that feature real families with messy houses. It can be a bit demoralizing to see expensively decorated homes that are always pristine on TV shows. As adults, we know it's fiction, but it still can leave us feeling like we aren't good enough. (Or is that just me?)

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  1. I don't know if it's practical, at least for my family- Alot of the time the kids want to be where we are when playing with their toys, I don't mind the toys AS LONG AS they have a place to be put away. We currently don't have any toy storage in our family room and it's driving me a little mental!

  2. We have two kids (27mo & 6mo), no family room and our living room stays toy-free. Two major helps: a bag and a bin. On the bottom shelf of our bookcase is a large upholstery bag (that matches the pillows, by the way) that stays at 40% full. It houses some toys, but is also a dumping station for strays. The other big help? A rolling bin. My kid loves to roll it around like a shopping cart. After making a game of it, as well as a twice a day ritual, toys never stay the night in the living room.
    We LIVE in our living room, so to ban toys altogether is just not an option. This was the next best thing for us.

  3. When the kids were small (under 5) we often had kid toys in every room of the house (but I kept a container to toss them in at the end of the day). Now that the girls are older we make them keep their stuffs in their rooms.

  4. I love the rolling bin idea! I don't think I could ban toys all together. I honestly don't mind the boys playing with their toys in the living room. I just don't want to store any here. I would like it to be toy free at bedtime.