Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Cleaning Checklist for You to Download!

First, I want to thank Carol for giving me a pep talk in her comment on yesterday's post. It was just what I needed to find my motivation to start working on the house again. I know that you all will agree with me when I say that housecleaning is one of those things that makes me feel like I'm running in place. Evidence of my efforts don't last long (especially in a house with three boys) and I sometimes get frustrated that I have to do it all again! Just when I think I'm caught up on cleaning and organizing, it all seems to fall apart again! 

If you feel this way, too, I'm hoping I can blow some fresh air into your cleaning routine today. I'm trying something new. I hope it works!

I created a cleaning checklist and have uploaded it to Keep and Share, a free file sharing service. If I've done everything correctly, you should be able to click on the link below to go to my checklist. You can then download it, print it or copy and paste it. If I haven't done it correctly, I'll play around with it and try to figure it out! 

About the cleaning checklist - This is a list that is designed with my house, my family and my current cleaning needs in mind. Right now, I'm behind on folding laundry and we've got winter gear (hats, gloves, etc.) cluttering our entryway. I also have hardwood floors through most of my house, so I typically sweep instead of vacuum. I recommend that you download the list to your computer and change it to suit your needs. Or, you can print it as is and use a pencil to cross out and add things to personalize it. Remember, it's a free download! 

Since this is something new for me, I'd love your feedback!  Let me know what you think. Is the list helpful? What would make it more helpful? Would you like to see more cleaning checklists like this?

Follow the link to get the Get Your House Back in Order Fast! Cleaning List.


  1. Glad your feeling peppier today. Let's just chalk yesterday up to being human ;)

  2. Sounds good to me! Hope your feeling better, as well.

  3. this was so useful. I am a perfectionist in my house myself

  4. Love the checklist idea. I have two boys, so I can only imagine what 3 must be like. It is really frustrating to get something all cleaned up and then literally 3 seconds later you can't even tell I did anything.

  5. Great list! Hope you feel better.

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