Friday, January 21, 2011

The Spare Room Cleaning Checklist

Most of us have some type of spare room in our home. It could be an extra bedroom, a back porch or a loft. There are all different kinds of spare rooms. But, they all have something in common.  They are clutter magnets. This is where extra clutter gets stacked when you're not quite ready to part with it or organize it. The spare room becomes the holding area.

Our spare room is a finished basement family room. It's not a classic spare room. We use the room regularly for it's intended purpose. It holds a TV, the computers and our woodstove. It's decorated in an early 1980's style and desperately needs an overhaul. But, it would be a pleasant room to hang out in (despite the faux brick wall) if we didn't store so much clutter here. Most of the clutter is computer related. This is where my husband does repairs and upgrades when he's got someone else's computer to fix, which is often. I wish the stacks of computer parts and tools were more organized. Maybe someday.

I do occasionally clean the spare room thoroughly. Afterwards, I'm pretty comfortable hanging out down there, especially in the winter when the woodstove is going. Because we are getting a cold snap this weekend, I want to get this room spiffied up. I imagine we'll be down there a lot. We keep the rest of the house at a balmy 65, so when the woodstove is going downstairs, we easily hit 70+. It's quite cozy and we all love it! 

To that end, I've created a spare room cleaning checklist. You can download and print the checklist for free. I'll be using this checklist today to make our spare room more comfortable and less cluttered. When I declutter, I'll have two empty boxes and a garbage bag nearby. One box will be for things that need to get put away somewhere else in the house. One will be for things we can donate and get out of the house a.s.a.p. And, the garbage bag is for, well, garbage, because I always find some when I declutter.

If you find the cleaning checklists helpful, please leave a comment. If you aren't able to download the file, let me know. Keep and Share lets me upload a .doc file, but I could do a .pdf, if you all prefer it.  Also, leave a comment if there is a specific cleaning checklist that you'd like to see! 

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  1. Your family room sounds so cosy and guests don't have to see it and hubby can do his computer thing there.

    Your check list is generic and I can use it and expand it on three rooms. Spare rooms are all so different: our guest bedroom, garage and my husband's workshop are all spare rooms. But, Barb, I need these three rooms so the rest of the house can look presentable!!!! Our attic isn't large enough in our ranch single story home to do the trick. Shucks, now I might have more rooms to declutter! But then if the garage and workshop have more room, I can put my guest bedroom stuff there when we have company!

    Barb, this is a never-ending routine. I think I will go read a book or go back to bed!