Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where to Donate Your Decluttered Items

I've been wanting to put together a comprehensive list of organizations that will take your donations of gently used items for some time. The good news is, you can donate pretty much anything and there are several different non-profit organizations that will accept your clothing, household goods, books, eyeglasses and anything else that you need to declutter, but don't want to throw away. I'm going to list items alphabetically and include the links to the websites of organizations that will accept your donations. I'll be updating this list  as I find more organizations that will accept your decluttered goods.  If you know of any, please leave a comment or send an e-mail ( and I will add it to the list.  With your participation, we can make this list a valuable resource for donating goods! 

Please note that you will need to contact each organization to inquire about donating your items. Some, make it easy with addresses on where to send or drop off items directly on their website. Others require you to make inquiries through e-mail. 

Computer Equipment

Reconnect - Reconnect is managed by Dell and Goodwill Industries. They accept any brand of computer equipment in any condition and recycle it for free. They also accept just about anything that can be attached to a computer. Check their website for a complete list of what they accept for recycling and for their drop off locations (at some Goodwill locations).


Lion's Club International - The Lion's Club accepts donations of used eyeglasses.

New Eyes for the Needy - This organization accepts used eyeglasses and prescription lenses.

Hearing Aides

Lion's Club International - The Lion's Club accepts donations of used hearing aides.

New Eyes for the Needy - This organization accepts used hearing aides.

Household Appliances & Furniture

Habitat for Humanity - This well-known organization accepts donations of building materials, furniture and appliances. Items may be sold in a Habitat for Humanity store, which raises money for their building projects.

Household Goods

Excessaccess - This site requires you to sign-in and list your donations. They will match your donation to a request and notify you. You and the other party arrange delivery. You may also request items that you need.

Men's Suits, Ties and Dress Shoes

Career Gear - This organization provides interview suits and interview preparation and counseling to under-served, job-seeking men to help them become productive members of society.


Freecycle - Freecycle allows you to list items you'd like to give, for free, to others. Freecycle websites are locally run, but most cities have a Freecycle board. You and the recipient arrange pick up or drop off of items.

The Salvation Army - Most cities have a Salvation Army that allows people to donate their gently used items. They typically take clothing, household goods, toys and many other things. They'll even accept big items, like furniture and appliances. Some Salvation Army centers will pick up your donations by request.  The Salvation Army typically has stores where they sell the donated items.

Goodwill - Goodwill's mission is to provide free job training, career placement and other community programs for people who have a hard time finding work for a variety of reasons. Goodwill Thrift Stores help fund that mission. What Goodwill accepts for donations varies from region to region, so those interested in donating should call ahead. Find your local Goodwill here.

Prom & Bridesmaid Dresses
DonateMyDress - This group encourages girls to donate their prom and bridesmaid dresses to others who  need them.


Souls4Souls - This organization accepts donations of gently used shoes. They will donate the shoes to people in need.


  1. What a great list. I never would have thought of some of those things.

  2. Most optamatrists collect eyeglasses (presumably for the LionsClub) at their shops, I know Lenscrafters does.

    Prom/Bridesmaid Dresses - The Fairy Godmother Project is in many cities and sets up before Prom Season (start looking for them now). They will take in good condition clean prom dresses and alter them to fit the girls. They may also take your costume jewelry (not broken) to be given to these girls as well.

    One of the places, I want to say Goodwill will shred cloth items that are not sale worthy and use the shreds as stuffing....

    In addition check out local charities that help women and children (battered women's shelters, homeless shelters and half way houses) some won't take used items, others will. These are great places to get rid of your over stock new hygene products.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I have a bunch of stuff that I didn't have room for in my dorm, that is here at my parents house!

    Since they are trying to move, it needs to go somewhere! It was stressing me out that I didn't know where to put it. I obviously don't need it very much if its here for 6 months at a time. I forgot about the possibility of donating!

    Thanks for the gentle reminder! :] I will be contacting some of these places ASAP!

    Warmly, Elise Gabrielle

  4. Excellent ideas here, Barb. The garage sale took so much time and didn't get rid of what I needed to get rid of. Then it took time to move items out of the garage so we could park in there. Now some items are on the covered pool table and some in the workshop.

    Hence, your post is so timely in inspirational.


  5. Thanks everyone! I really love the feedback!

    Tree Huggin' Momma - Thanks! I've contacted the Fairy Godmother Project to find out more information. I'll include them as soon as I hear back from them.

    I've also heard from Goodwill and have updated their listing.