Monday, February 28, 2011

Clever Ways to Reuse Your Clutter

I created another permanent page called Clever Ways to Reuse Your Clutter. This page contains links to blogs and websites of people who have found ways to turn clutter into useful and beautiful things. There are links to blogs that teach you how to create all kinds of items out of old wool sweaters, raised vegetable beds out of old tires and quilts out of old t-shirts.

If you've got a link to another website or blog that uses clutter in a clever way, post it in the comments and I'll add it to the page.


  1. Over my 66 years I have held on to things so that "one day" I can make something of them. Then those things just take up space while "one day" may not come. The book, "Clutter's Last Stand", has helped me get rid of many "one day" items.

  2. Carol - You are right. Saving things to use later is a slippery slope! When later is years away or when there isn't a specific use in mind over the next few months, it's defintely not worth it to save it. My husband actually has a lot of problems with this, too.