Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 3 of Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Today was the day I tackled the messiest drawer in the kitchen. Ugh. I've cleaned the craft drawer a few times since I've been blogging. It gets messy fast. We keep craft supplies for the boys here and in the craft cupboard. They have free access to it and it shows! 

After a few minutes of sorting, I cheated. I picked out all the good, usable stuff and dumped the rest into the garbage. I do feel a bit guilty about it, but most of what was left was a drawer full of markers with missing caps and broken crayons. We don't need that stuff (especially the dried out markers) and sorting out the crayons was not something I wanted to do. We have tons of other crayons. They seem to come into our home in very large quantities! I know some people melt them down and make cute, new crayons, but I'm not really up for that right now.  I just want to declutter. 

After vacuuming out the dust and debris and washing the inside and outside of the drawer, I was ready to return all the usable stuff to the drawer. Who knew we had so many pairs of scissors? That was a find! 

I want to add that I am already starting to feel better about the kitchen. I definitely have a long way to go, but I've cleaned and organized four drawers so far. It feels like progress and, somehow, the kitchen feels more organized already. Baby steps, right? 


  1. what a difference..and I too am a cheater, I tend to toss to make it go quicker instead of sorting...

  2. So much satisfaction from little pockets of organization, whereas the satisfaction used to come from buying stuff and thereby creating clutter.

    I am committed to organizing small areas now also. I just can't do it all.

  3. Hi Barb,
    I agree - working on small projects a bit at a time does wonders and makes you feel like you can accomplish things, rather than being overwhelmed. I've just read this post and will be looking through your site for other tips for organizing as well!

  4. The small projects definitely have a big impact! Thanks everyone!