Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Lavender Bathtub

Here it is, by request, the lavender bathtub! 

OK, I admit that it doesn't look that bad in the picture! But, in real life, it looks dated. However, painting the bathroom cabinets has had a huge, positive impact on the bathroom already. As soon as I finish the doors and get them back on the cabinets, I'll post a picture.


  1. Consider painting the walls celery or sage. I had a girlfriend who had a lavender tub and sink and that is what she did. It went really well together, although I wouldn't have thought of it on my own. Good Luck!

  2. I considered sage, but I think I'm going with the Amethyst Cream. Thanks!

  3. I found your blog while searching for lavender bathroom tiles. I bought a lavender pedestal sink a few years ago and I'm searching for a toilet and tub to match. Have you considered pulling up the plastic shower surround to see if the original tiles behind it are intact and maybe just in need of a good cleaning?
    In my dream Jazz Age bathroom I'll have a tiled wainscot too, although I think I'd like to border it with black bull nose tile and paint the walls grey.
    I think if you are going for a shabby chic look your cabinets are actually perfect now that you have painted them. The louvered doors give it a sweet, beachy look. Maybe you could try a local salvage yard to find the right latches for you as opposed to HD?
    And if you ever decide to totally gut the bathroom, please consider donating your lavender tub to a salvage yard for a tax write off. Some of us can't wait to get our hands on something like that :)

  4. Thanks Mrs. W! Hmm...I never thought about trying to remove the plastic shower. It kind of scares me - lol! I wonder if I could pull a bit of it away from the wall to get a peek without damaging anything? I would love to remove it and retile if it needs it. You've got me thinking! Someday we'll gut the bathroom for sure! It's not going to happen now, but maybe in the 5-10 year plan. I'll be sure to donate the tub when we do.

  5. I found your blog while doing a search too. FYI, I write a blog called The Lavender Tub and thought you might enjoy coming over and seeing another. I have a lavender sink and toilet, too. We should start a club :)