Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Painting the Bathroom Begins

After buying paint, cleaning the bathroom cabinets and removing the cabinet doors, I had second thoughts about my chosen paint color. I wish I was the kind of person that can jump in and do things without hesitation!  I was able to talk myself out of running back to Home Depot to look at paint samples and decided to paint one door before I made any decisions. I'm doing the works on this door to get the full effect. I primed it yesterday and put the first coat of paint on today. I may do a second coat later if I've got time. Since the cabinets are so dark, I'll likely need to do a third coat of paint tomorrow. After that, I'll apply the glaze (wish I could skip right to this step!).

The color is Behr's Amethyst Cream.
Now that I have the first coat of paint on, I think I like it. It's a very, very subtle lavender. The walls will be a darker lavender called February Frost, also a Behr paint. I learned a few years ago that you have to spend the extra money to get good quality paint. The cheap stuff doesn't look as nice or hold up as well. I've got crayon marks and fingerprints lining my hallway that won't wash off, not even with a Magic Eraser, because I painted it with cheap paint when we first moved in to our house. The hallway will be repainted within the next year as well. 

Now I'm excited about my color choice again!  I hope it looks as good once it's glazed. 


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. You have a blog. A CLEANING blog. I'm quite sure you didn't mention this to me! We've probably talked for hours, some about cleaning and DECLUTTERING, while out walking with the littles! Well now I know where to look for tips. :)
    (Found you on Facebook through our other neighbor)

  2. I didn't mention it? I do a lot of writing, so this is just one little part of it!