Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Screen-Free Month: An Update

Those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis may be wondering how we are doing with our commitment to go screen-free for the month of February. As of yesterday, we made it to the half-way point!  And, I have to admit, it's been pretty great. It's so nice not having the constant background noise of the TV, the Wii or the computer games. The boys had a difficult adjustment for the first couple of days. But, I kept them busy and now we are at the point where I don't really need to plan anything extra to keep them entertained.  They're doing it all themselves.

The boys have been playing with Play-doh, doing science experiments, playing outside, playing with dry rice (very cool activity with uncooked rice in a tray), playing with Legos, reading (or being read to depending on ability), playing with Moon Sand, ice skating, baking cookies, playing Chess and many other things! 

These are things they typically do anyway. They've just been doing a lot more of them. I should really think about buying stock in Play-doh because that has been getting heavy use the last few weeks. There has also been less fighting amongst the boys overall and they've been doing a better job with their chores. Before, they'd rush through chores so they could get to computer time. Now, they're slowing down and being more careful and helpful without me telling them to do so.

For instance, about a month ago, I asked my 11-year-old son to bring in some firewood. He yelled upstairs to me a few minutes later that he was done and could he please get on the computer? I yelled back that he could. When I went downstairs later, there were five pieces of wood on the floor!  It was just too comical for me to be mad at him. But, I gave him a lecture about how my siblings and I had to bring in armfuls of wood when we were younger than he is (a similar version of the "I had to walk five miles in the snow, uphill both ways to get to school" lecture). Last week, I asked my two older boys to bring in wood and I got over fifty pieces between the two of them!  

Lots of Firewood to Keep us Toasty Warm

 So far, I call TV and screen-free month a success. I'm already hesitant to introduce it back into the house afterwards.


  1. Congratulations! TV free can be tough (but such a great idea)

  2. We used to do this when I was growing up - it was actually kinda fun!

  3. Good for you all! Soon you will have to deal with teenage texting.

  4. Well done! I've recently started 'tv free days' with my 4 year old (working up to a whole week - gasp!). It's a struggle! Play-doh is a great standby activity - have you tried making your own? I recently posted my recipe for scented playdough on my blog http://fledglings-hollow.blogspot.com/ . My son prefers it to the bought stuff because he can customise it!

  5. Fledgling - We sometimes make our own Play-doh. We've made scented before, too! The boys love that! I'll have to do it again soon. Thanks for commenting!