Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starting a Project is the Hardest Part

Why is it that starting a project is so hard? I have been seriously dreading getting started on deep cleaning the kitchen. But, I forced myself to clean just one drawer yesterday. I even cleaned and decluttered the easiest one!  I picked the utensil drawer, which was practically empty at the time. Almost all of our utensils were in the dishwasher.  Now that the drawer has been cleaned, the dishwasher has run and everything has been put away, I'm really happy I started with that particular drawer. You see, we use that drawer a lot and whenever I open it today, I'm looking at a clean, tidy utensil drawer!  Yay!

Today's task is to clean and declutter two kitchen drawers. I'm not ready to tackle the messiest drawer yet. Are you?

To keep me motivated, I created a free, downloadable checklist called Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Week 1. You can download this checklist to get started on your own kitchen spring cleaning project. Feel free to copy and paste it into a file that you can edit any way you choose. Or, just print it and use as is. I included some extra check marks, in case you want to add anything more to your cleaning checklist.  

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  1. haha I almost say for me finishing the project is the hardest part. I need to follow through!