Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still Spring Cleaning the Kitchen...

Spring cleaning the kitchen is going to take several weeks. I knew that going into it. Still, I'm making quicker progress than I did the last time I did this, two years ago. That's mostly because I had a one-year-old baby then and it was difficult to do anymore than 15 minutes of work at a time. He also liked to be held a lot. So, I worked slower than I normally do in that 15 minutes. I was carrying the baby around in a sling or wearing him on my back through a lot of the first several cleaning projects on the blog! Now that he's 3, life is a bit freer for me!  He's great at playing by himself while I clean and organize, so I can get a bit more done. That said, I still can't spring clean my kitchen in one huge day-long cleaning binge. I'm not sure I would even want to now that I've successfully done it the slow, easy way! 

We are starting week 2 of the kitchen spring cleaning project. I've added another week's worth of tasks to the kitchen spring cleaning checklist. Remember, you can download this checklist for free! I feel like I've made some decent progress on my kitchen already and I did it all one or two drawers at a time!  You can do it, too!   

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