Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TV Free for a Month!

This may be a bit crazy, but I decided that my kids and I really need a break from screen time. I think it's become too easy to fall back on it and we watch more TV and play more computer games than is healthy. They need more time being creative, reading, playing outside or just daydreaming. I need more time reading and writing. Wasted time on the computer is one of my biggest obstacles to this! (Disclaimer - I will, however, be on the computer to keep up with my blog, fulfill my other on-line writing obligations, write for fun and keep up with e-mail. I'm going to make every effort NOT to surf the Internet.)

I've been talking about it with them for a few weeks, so it didn't come as a surprise yesterday when we went screen free. Little did we know that on the first day, my oldest son would be home sick from school and my first grader would come home early from school because of a snow storm. And, today, they both have a snow day. Typically, these types of days mean lots of TV, Wii and computer time.

Instead, the boys have spent time playing with cornstarch and water, making paper bag puppets, playing with Legos (which they do anyway, but they did it even more), reading, playing in the snow (after it stopped raining!), playing with Moon Sand and doing science experiments. Everyone was in bed and asleep last night by 8:30, including my 11-year-old, who typically stays awake much later than that. He was sick, so that was most likely the reason for the early night. I expect tonight he'll be up late reading in bed as always.

So, what does this mean for my house? Lets just say that it's not pretty!  But, I'm okay with it. I knew going into our little experiment that it would mean the house would get even more trashed than normal. After we get past these few snow days, I think it will settle down a bit. We've got lots of things planned for this month that will get us out of the house, which means less of a mess at home.

What do you think? Have you ever gone TV free? How much TV do your kids watch? Does it bug you or don't you care?


  1. Yes, creative, literate kids are so worth turning off the TV for a month. Hope that sickness doesn't get passed around.

    Are you the Barb in the article that is linked above?

  2. When I was growing up we would do this for a week every 6 months or so. It is a great idea!

  3. Carol - Yes, that's me!

    LPW - What a great idea! Today was day 2 and already, it's been great. I would love to repeat it every so often!

  4. This is a great idea! I remember when I was kid and when my mom was switching off the TV I was screaming madly :) The TV definitely is a sickness
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  5. Oh, I want to do this! My husband is the one who won't let it happen. I usually can keep the TV off during the day, but then on the weekends he counts on it to keep the kids "busy."