Thursday, March 24, 2011

5 Reasons Not to Clean Right Now

I know one of the reasons my house gets messy is because I've got a talent for finding things to do other than cleaning. But, sometimes, there's a good reason not to clean. Here are a few:

1. It's the first beautiful, spring day of the year. There's only one thing to do on a day like that and it's not mop the floor! After a winter like we've had, the only place to be is outside in the sunshine. 

2. You are engrossed in a book. If you find yourself trying to hold a book open with one hand and fold laundry with the other, it might be time to sit down and focus on the book. Good books are treasures and getting lost in one is one of the finest things in life. 

3. Your child asks to play a board game with you. I find myself wishing I could freeze time lately. My oldest is rapidly approaching age 12 and I'm astounded at how fast he's growing up. I'm going to enjoy those moments when he asks me to play chess or Clue and forget about the dishes in the sink. It's the only reasonable thing to do.

4. You made a commitment to exercise. Life is a juggling act. It's hard to get everything done every day. Sometimes,we have to choose exercise time over cleaning time. Ideally, we'd all carve out some time every day for exercise. Not only is it good for our physical state, but it's good for our emotional state. The bonus is that regular exercise tends to give us more energy, so you'll likely have a bit more left over for cleaning later.

5. You need to spend time with a friend. Time with friends is an emotional necessity for many of us. Value your friendships and take the time out of your busy schedule for them. According to the Mayo Clinic, friendships enrich our life and improve our health. Go for that cup of coffee or hang out with friends in the front yard while the kids play and worry about the house later.

This post isn't about making excuses to not clean. It's about learning to stop and smell the roses. If you're making a good effort to clean and declutter, then make sure you're also taking the time to take care of yourself and enjoy life.


  1. All very valid points. I have always liked the saying about a home being clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be comfortable. People matter more than things!

  2. I love that saying, too, EmmaMary! Thank you.

  3. Funny because my list would probably have to be 5 reasons TO clean. I'd have to get motivated.

  4. 6. You will clean after you declutter. The clutter will hide the dust.

  5. I love this list! And you know, you are totally right. There are so many things that matter more than cleaning.

  6. Well, that is an interesting post. Most of the points listed are quite true.
    A lot of people find excuses not to clean their homes, but cleaning is the base of living in a healthy environment.