Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Be Fancy, Just Get Dancey

Do you listen to music while you clean? I just got an i-Pod and have gotten newly acquainted with listening to upbeat, fun cleaning music. I'm convinced I get three times as much done if I've got good music motivating me.

I have loved music since I was a little girl and would fall asleep at night listening to my mom play Scott Joplin's The Entertainer on the piano. She was fantastic. I sure wish we would have gotten a recording of her playing because she doesn't play anymore. It would be nice to hear it again.

I've gone through many phases with music and like a wide variety of genres. Just last week, my husband and I took our oldest son to the symphony to see world-renowned percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie. She was incredible. As a former high school percussionist, I was in awe. And, as a current middle school percussionist, my son was even more awestruck and a bit inspired.

I was excited to put music on the i-Pod last night. I added a few tunes that I knew would be great cleaning songs. Nothing perks up a cleaning routine faster than upbeat, fun music. Here's what I was singing, dancing and cleaning to today:

Raise Your Glass by P!nk - This is an awesome, upbeat song and one of my new favorites. How can anyone NOT dance to this? 

Forget You by Cee Lo Green - The first time I heard this was when Gwyneth Paltrow sang it on Glee. I immediately looked it up on YouTube to discover that the original version is actually F**k You.  I seriously dislike swearing, but there's something about this song that makes it work and I find myself happily singing along, f-word and all. However, I put the G-rated version on my i-Pod because it's likely that my kids will be listening.

Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine - This is another song I discovered through Glee. The video is a little freaky (according to my boys anyway), but I love Florence's voice.

Viva La Vida by Coldplay - This song is all about the lyrics and the symphonic sound for me. I love it and don't think I could ever get tired of it.

You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth by Meatloaf - I don't know when I first heard this song, but I've always loved it, especially once I was old enough to understand it. As an aspiring writer, it always made me think of plot lines I'd like to develop. If you ever see a novel written by me that has the two main characters on a beach on a hot summer night, you'll know what my inspiration was. LOL

1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins - I had forgotten about this song until I found it on i-Tunes last night. It kind of reminds me of being a teen-ager.

Don't You Want Me by The Human League - This song is an oldie, but a goodie. And, it's fun to sing along to.

That's my cleaning play list for today. What music are you cleaning to?

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  1. It isn't FlyLady music, let me tell you, although I do subscribe to her podcasts. Sometimes country music floats my boat, but I also listen to a variety of podcasts.