Monday, March 14, 2011

Fake It Until You Make It

Do you want to have a clean, organized house?

If your house is currently cluttered, it's possible to take steps each day to get closer to that reality.

Sometimes we can find our inspiration for cleaning and decluttering in odd places. In the book, Fat that Doesn't Come Back, the authors, Robert Ferguson and Krista Clark, are experts at giving motivational pep talks. Of course, their main focus is on helping readers loose weight. But, as many of us know, clutter and weight problems often go hand in hand. They inspire the reader to "fake it till you make it". If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then start cultivating the habits that will get you to the healthy lifestyle. Basically, live like a healthy, fit person and you will become that healthy, fit person.

The same can be said for being an organized person. If you want to have a clean, organized home, then start cultivating the habits that will get you to that point. Live like the neat, organized person you want to be and you will become that person. Simply start doing what neat, organized people do.

Here are some examples:

The Cluttered Person
  • Throws current mail in a pile when they bring it in the house with the plan to take care of it later.
  • Doesn't have a daily cleaning routine.
  • Continues to bring things into the house without getting rid of anything in return.
  • Practices "binge" cleaning, where one room or the whole house gets cleaned and decluttered in a massive effort that quite possibly involves renting a dumpster.  
The Neat, Organized Person

  • Sorts, discards or shreds mail as soon as it comes in the house.
  • Has a simple cleaning routine that is done most days.
  • Donates or discards at least one object for every new thing brought into the home.
  • Never has to binge clean because daily habits involve putting things where they belong and cleaning bit by bit to avoid a big mess.
It's time to put away the old habits and replace them with new habits that will, bit by bit, give you the neat, organized life you want. You can fake it until you make it.

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  1. Great contrast. I might add that the cluttered person keeps getting baskets, bins, files and other containers to "solve" the problem, but it doesn't work in the end.