Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Houseplant Help

Do you have houseplants? I've got one that is struggling. I love houseplants, but I don't seem to have a knack for them.
Part of the problem is that I don't have a good spot to put them. The other part is that I forget to care for them. You can tell by the picture that this poor thing needs water. I think it's dying. The leaves look like they are turning brown around the edges.

I used to have a better handle on caring for houseplants. I had an African Violet, a spider plant, a philodendron and a Christmas cactus that all lived for years and through several moves. Maybe I just don't have the time for houseplants right now. But, I'd like to have a couple that thrive.

Are you a houseplant expert? What can I do to save this?


  1. I would remove all of the leaves that are browning, and then give it a good soak with water. I like to throw my eggs shells into my water bucket and let them set overnight. I also use all veggie water for my plants. So potatoe water, brocoli water etc. I pour it off allow it to cool and use it on my plants, this way I haven't needed to "feed" my plants. I also take a nice scoop from the compost pile every once in a while and add that to the water (and let is set for a week or more).

    Good Luck.

  2. Years ago, someone at the local nursery advised my husband that your goal with houseplants should be to find the ones that work for you -- and that everyone is different and it's not your fault if a plant dies because it is just not works for you at this time of your life. So I'd probably give or throw it away and try something that likes to be neglected and live in whatever light you want to keep a plant. But good luck -- we have still kept some around trying to save them for years.

  3. Great ideas! I will try that. Hopefully it will help. Thanks.

  4. Ha Ha! My above comment was for Tree's post. The other post didn't appear until afterwards. I'll try Tree's suggestions first, then move on to ditching it if that doesn't work.