Monday, March 7, 2011

Laser Tag Sunday

Screen-free month was a success. Our family spent the entire month of February away from television and computer games. The boys did great and, as a matter of fact, we found that the first week was the hardest. After that, it was pretty easy, especially since part of the deal was they would get a big reward for their efforts.

Yesterday, we went to the local laser tag place for that reward. My husband played laser tag with the two older boys and I hung out in the arcade with the little one. It was lots of fun!

For those of you that are wondering, we have turned the TV and the computer games back on, but we have a few more rules around them. There's no TV or computer on school nights. And, we are not turning the TV on during the day just to have background noise. It's amazing how they've pretty much forgotten about having TV on all day.

I really don't mind the boys watching TV or playing computer games, as long as it doesn't become something they do most of the time. I think there's a tendency for the amount of time they spend on these things to gradually creep up until they prefer it to other activities. We'll likely repeat screen-free month in the future! 

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