Monday, March 14, 2011

Small Bedroom = Lots of Clutter

My husband and I have a small bedroom with a small closet in a small house. What this means in a nutshell is that the bedroom tends to look cluttered very fast. And, we don't have a lot of extra storage space. That's why my sewing machine and basket of yarn has been sitting on the floor by the closet door for about a year.
The sewing machine, a basket of yarn and a container for keeping current writing projects crowd the bedroom floor.
They have been bugging me for a long time, but I really didn't have anywhere else to store them. I decided what I needed to do was clean out my clothes closet a bit and free up some room on the top shelf for everything.
The sewing machine and yarn basket find a home!
Today, I went through my clothes and brutally weeded out stuff that I don't wear. I've been hanging on to the clothing I used to wear to work over eleven years ago! It was kind of hard to get rid of it. But, the fact that it's not in style anymore helped. I realized that I wouldn't want to wear any of it, even if I went back to work tomorrow. And, honestly, after having three kids, some of it doesn't fit anymore. (But, some of it still does, so I don't feel too badly about that.) Anyway, all the old office wear went in bags for Goodwill. The rest of my clothes are either hanging in the closet or in the dresser.

The next bedroom project is to weed out my husband's clothes!  He's got about three times as much as I do. I tend to think most of us have too many clothes. I'm inspired by blogs like Little Brown Dress, where the blogger wore one dress for an entire year. I don't think I could ever be that extreme, but I admire her a great deal. What about you? Could you wear one dress for a year?


  1. I can so relate to hanging on to clothes that I haven't worn in years. I just sent some items to Goodwill a few weeks ago...among them a shirt I haven't worn since I was in high school 17 years ago! Yep, probably won't be wearing it again soon...or would I as trends come back around. Oh nevermind, I won't wear it again it's at Goodwill. :)

  2. Michelle - My theory is that even if the basic style comes back in, the cut will be different. The skinny jeans from the 80s aren't the same as the skinny jeans now, for instance. I've got a pair of jeans from the 80s in my dresser and the cut is definitely different than modern jeans. I know I should get rid of them, but they are very sentimental! I can't! They were my absolute favorite jeans - lol!

  3. hi michelle , i would say that try and keep less clothes and keep your closet clean. I mean if the summer if going on keep all the other clothes in your bag .. that will help to keep it clean

  4. My husband has more clothes than me, too. Why is that?