Friday, March 11, 2011

Bringing in the Spring Air

Are you still spring cleaning your kitchen?

I just started working on mine again today. I took a long break, but that's okay because I never intended to get it all done at once. I finally completed the last activity on the checklist, Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Weeks 1 & 2

Today, spring is in the air. It's about 50 degrees outside. And, it smells very earthy because of the rain we've had over the last two days. I've turned the heat off and opened the windows to bring in some fresh air.

Look for part three of the kitchen cleaning checklist sometime in the next few days!


  1. Still working on the office here, but am saving your list.

  2. Even the slightest hint of Spring in the air forces me to get the cleaning ball rolling! we are getting some lower 50's here as well so I plan on starting my carpet cleaning 'typhoon' after a day of high dusting/sneezing around the house. Can't wait!