Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 3 of Free Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

With weeks one and two of spring cleaning in the kitchen done, I took a bit of a break while I caught up on some other things. Today, I'm back in the kitchen, ready to start week 3. This week, I'm going to tackle the cupboard where I store my cookbooks and recipes. This is quite a mess and hasn't been sorted in a few years. I need to purge several cookbooks, especially since I don't use most of them anymore. Who needs cookbooks when you've got the Internet? Though, I admit that I still use my Betty Crocker cookbook on a regular basis.

Here is the link to the updated Free Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist. You can print the entire 1-3 week checklist from this one document or just print week 3 (page 2)  if that's all you need.

Happy spring cleaning!

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