Saturday, April 16, 2011

31, Tupperware, Creative Memories, Lia Sophia, etc.

What are your thoughts on home parties? I'm talking about the kind of party where you buy stuff, or are at least expected to buy stuff. I've gone to my fair share of home parties and even hosted two, but I've got mixed feelings. I'm going to a 31 party today and will likely buy something. My friend is hosting the party and I've looked at the catalogue on-line. The products are cute, but, honestly, a purse wasn't really on my list of things to buy right now.

I'm thinking these types of parties contribute to clutter and aren't frugal, but yet they seem to be a social obligation. I'd love to know what you think. 


  1. I used to go to almost all I was invited to...and bought stuff. But back then 1) I had small kids and the Discovery toys and tupperware and such were things I wanted; 2) I was employed with a lot of disposable income; and 3) I thought I was helping out friends. Now I am not employed, I want to downsize and since I feel guilty if I don't buy, I just don't go. With all that, the first Creative Memories party I went to (which was actually put on by a consultant directly) set me off on a LOT of scrapbooking; since I enjoy it, I consider that one great -- but to the despair of my consultant I refuse to hostess an event.

  2. I can't stand those parties. It's right up there with candy bar fund raisers standing outside my supermarket. I buy what I want when I want it. I don't need an overpriced candy bar, I don't need a poorly made pasta making soap dish earring rack.
    This coming from a clearance-hunting anti-hoarder. I hate paying retail. I hate owning things that don't have a purpose. And what's more, I've never found something in any multi-level marketing company's catalog that I NEED.

    hahahah... I just proofread that paragraph. Bitter much? LOL

  3. I hear ya', rilojane!

    Sassy - I don't like to host, either and am, in fact, slightly uncomfortable with it.

    I think I'm quite an easy target because I bought not one, but TWO things yesterday. LOL I bought a wallet, which I've wanted to get for some time. I haven't had a wallet in a few years. I've been using a small zippered pouch instead. I need something more organized. And, I also bought the 31 monthly special - lol. $9 for a small bag.

  4. What is worse is getting suckered into selling the stuff. I have done that several times over the years for good products I like--Discovery Toys, Mary Kay, Creative Memories. I am not good at selling so I end up with extra product that becomes clutter.


  5. I love those parties!! But only go when there is something I really want/need. Years ago I sold Pampered Chef and love that stuff! But I hate the feeling of obligation ~ which is really one of the reasons that the host should invite literally everyone they know. If you look around a crowded room as a guest you think, ok I'm off the hook ~ surely she'll get enough sales for what she really wants. But if you look around a room of 4 other people you think ut oh... the hostess is counting on me!