Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cleaning Up Facebook Clutter

Raise your hand if you've got Facebook "friends" who inundate you with game requests?

No offense to anyone that enjoys these games, but I don't play any Facebook games, nor do I intend to. You'd think that, after bombarding me with unanswered Farmville requests, the culprit would get the hint. But, no. Not only that, I have been getting Cityville and Frontierville requests from the same two people. Over and over again.

Today, I finally turned to Google, the master of all knowledge, to learn how to shut off these requests. It's pretty simple, really. Here's how:

Step 1: Click on the "notification" drop down box on the upper left side of your Facebook page.
Step 2: Click on one of the offending requests. This will pull up your "games" page and a listing of all your game requests.
Step 3: Next to each game request will be an "accept" box and an "x". Click on the "x". This will give you a box with a couple of choices.
Step 4: Choose "Ignore all requests from __________."
Step 5: Choose "Block Cityville."
Step 6: Repeat with all the other game apps and friends who frequently send game apps.

My gaming friends happen to be relatives, so I can't very well de-friend them without hurt feelings. They are also relatives that I'm not in touch with regularly, so I can't just ask them to knock it off. This is a simple solution that takes care of it without having to step on anyone's toes.


  1. This is really handy, it is so annoying when i get notificationscoming throught to my phone inviting me to annoying facebook games!Thank you!