Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get Organized in the Kitchen Faster: 8 Things to Declutter Now

Do you have a cupboard that looks like this?  I think I may have missed this cupboard two years ago when I did my first Cleaning Up the Clutter kitchen purge. If I cleaned it, I certainly didn't declutter it. It was a disaster.

Here are 8 things I decluttered and hope to never let accumulate again (at least not in this cupboard):

1. Loose recipes ripped from magazines. Most of these were at least five years old. Some were closer to 15. Yikes. I almost never use them. Sure, they sounded good to me at one time, but now, when I want a recipe, I Google it. I have a folder in "My Favorites" that is specifically for recipes. I sometimes print recipes, but I want to get out of that habit. There's no need to keep loose recipes in the Internet age.

2. Phone books. Like recipes, phone numbers are typically found via the Internet. However, I want to keep a couple of phone books for reference. We have a small, local phone book for our immediate area and a large phone book for the whole region. Two is plenty. No need for six! 

3. Cookbooks. I collected cookbooks for a time. I used to enjoy looking through them and getting ideas for meals. Again, I do most of this type of stuff on the Internet. I'm keeping my basic Betty Crocker Cookbook and a few others that I use from time to time, but I weeded out several that I haven't looked at in years.

4. Old appliance and electronics manuals. If you follow by blog, you know that I don't have a microwave oven and haven't had one for over four years. However, it seems I still have a microwave oven manual. I also have manuals to several other things that we no longer own. Old car seats, an old stroller, a VCR and old phones, to name a just a few. This is real clutter!

5. Photos. I don't really consider old photos clutter. I think it's fun to go through a stack of old pictures and reminisce, however, I don't keep my pictures in the kitchen. I have a three-drawer organizer in my bedroom closet that is used to store photos. I'm not sure why there were several loose photos in this cupboard. The only thing I can think of is that I had a moment of laziness and tossed them in there to get them off the counter instead of putting them where they belong.

6. Money. I found $129.10 in this cupboard. That's not a typo. I can't imagine how it got there. $100 of it is my three-year-old son's birthday and Christmas money from a few years ago. It was destined for his savings account, but I must have stuck it in the cupboard and forgotten about it. I'll deposit it the next time I go to the bank. 

7. Old bank statements. I went through a time period before my 3rd son was born (and things were much less hectic) when I was trying to be super organized. I was filing all of my bank statements in a 3-ring binder. It looks great and is highly organized. The only thing is, I started it in 2006 and stopped in 2007. I'm guessing I stopped right around the time I found out I was pregnant with son #3. That was pretty much when I started letting things slip through the cracks and figuring out that life didn't collapse around me if I didn't over-organize. My bank statements now go in a folder in a filing cabinet, they're not in any kind of order and the sky hasn't fallen.

8.  Expired coupons. If you're a couponer, you'll know that it can be pretty hard to keep on top of them. I go through phases with coupons. Right now, I'm not using them all that often. So, I really don't need the pile of expired coupons from two years ago.
Getting rid of all of the above created an empty shelf! Can you believe it? I'm in awe! I think I'm going to use it as office space. Do you think I can fit a desk in there?   


  1. People in the service can use expired coupons for up to 6 months from the date they expire. I just found this out when I went to a meeting about coupons Monday night. I will need to get organized to be able to pass them on, however.


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  3. I generally find that almost anything I ever put in a cupboard is removed about a year later as "no longer required". In reality, it was probably never required in the first place! My theory is that if I don't use it right now, I probably never will.