Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Make Your 11-Year-Old Son Grumpy on April Fool's Day

To set the stage, I have to mention the big April Fool's Day joke that Old Man Winter is playing on us. The talk of the town yesterday was the big snowstorm we were supposed to get today. The boys went to bed with their pajamas turned inside out, spoons under their pillows, a fork in the freezer and ice cubes in the toilet. My 11-year-old son did not do his homework. Both school-aged boys were sure there would be a snow day today.

We woke up this morning to barely a dusting on the ground. While it's still snowing, it's not accumulating that fast and it's melting on the perfectly clear roads as it falls. The 11-year-old was grumpy the instant he woke up and found out he had school.

Thinking I was being clever, I switched his shirt drawer with his sock and underwear drawer while he was still sleeping. I was expecting big laughs when the trick was revealed. Instead, I got a grumpy son arriving at the breakfast table with a dirty shirt that he'd found on the floor. He complained that he didn't have any clean shirts, so I sent him back to his room to check again.  He found the shirts, but not his humor. He'll appreciate it later, right? 

I thought my April Fool's Day trick would be a hit because we had spent time last night searching for pranks to play on friends and loved ones. Here's what we came up with:

1. Change the Google language setting on a computer. To do this, open up the Google home page. Click on "language tools" near the search box. Scroll down to the large menu of languages at the bottom. Choose one. My husband woke up to Chinese Google this morning.

2. Use super glue to glue a pen cap to a pen. My son went to school with a glued pen. He's hoping to trick his friends with it. 

3. Here's another one for school kids. Walk into a class and say to a friend, "Are you ready for the test today?" This works better if you have a group of friends in on it. My son was also going to give this a try.

4. Hang a stuffed animal on the top of a bedroom door. It'll fall on some unsuspecting person's head when they open the door. This works best with a bean bag type stuffed animal. We had a hard time getting a regular stuffed animal to stay. But, the bean bag monkey worked great! 

5. Switch things around. You can swap two like things for each other, like I did with the dresser drawers. Switch the bags of cereal inside two boxes of cereal (swap the Cheerios with the Raisin Bran, for instance). Put the ketchup in the mustard bottle and the mustard in the ketchup bottle.

I'm on the search for some April Fool's Day jokes I can play on the kids when they get home from school. I may run to the grocery store and get what I need to make a meatloaf cake for dinner. Sounds yummy! 

What April Fools Day tricks are unfolding in your house?


  1. Barb -- that's so funny! I love your sense of humor. Someone at my office knows how to turn your computer screen upside down so that when you log in everything is topsy turvy (not the monitor itself, just the words/pictures on the screen). I love it and keep meaning to find out how he does it!!

  2. I would LOVE to know how to do that! When you find out, you'll have to post a tutorial on your blog. :)

  3. hi, i'm sorry to let you know, but mollyann hesser has stolen your blog content:

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    sorry to be the bearer of bad news. please do report - she has stolen from many, many bloggers and should be taken to task.

  4. Thanks Sheila. I reported her.