Monday, April 4, 2011

Sell it Now or Throw it Away Later

I took a yoga class once. I loved it and was convinced yoga was going to be something I pursued in earnest. My ever supportive husband bought me a yoga mat. I bought a yoga DVD or two. I did yoga until life took over and I didn't have time for it. When I did manage to strike a pose or two, I had small children climbing all over me, which made it no where near the relaxing experience I remembered from the class.

The last time I practiced yoga, my six-year-old son was an infant. Ever since, my yoga mat has been residing under my bed. I should have sold it in my last garage sale. Or, maybe donated it to the local thrift store. I've been thinking about getting rid of it lately. Today, I walked into the bedroom to discover this:
I missed my chance to sell or donate it. Instead, I shoved it in a garbage bag and used it as an excuse to go through the house on a decluttering binge. I tossed worn-out shoes, candy wrappers that I found in my son's room, a few broken toys and some old floppy discs. Altogether, I decluttered 50 things.  

If you're wondering what happened to my yoga mat, I think this picture says it all:
Maybe I'll sign up for another yoga class outside of the house soon. I could definitely use the relaxation time!


  1. LOL! Having something because one day I will use it! The cat got good use for it! This is such a cute story and I love the pictures.


  2. Thanks Carol. That little kitten is such a troublemaker! :)