Monday, May 9, 2011

A Bit Overwhelmed!

It's time for me to prioritize. The truth is, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in the house lately. It's not the day to day chores or even the clutter (though, there's still some of that), but all of the projects and upkeep that we need to tackle.

As far as clutter goes, things aren't looking too bad. My husband and I have made pretty decent strides in the past two years and I feel like we have a handle on it. There's still more to clean out. But, we have changed our habits. My husband no longer brings home stuff that he finds at the dump. He still sometimes brings random computer parts home that people give to him, but even this has gradually decreased. We're getting there.

What's getting the best of me now are the big projects. For instance, I still need to finish painting the bathroom. The cabinets are done, but the walls need to be taped and painted. I want to replace the ceiling in our laundry room and basement family room. We need to fix up the back porch. It needs painting, a new floor and some work on the windows. All of our windows need work. They need glazing, cleaning and some other minor repairs. We have to replace our dishwasher. The pipe to our front, outdoor water faucet burst this weekend. The list is endless. Sigh.

It's time for me to take baby steps. The priorities right now are:

1. Replace the dishwasher. What's holding us back here? We have NO CLUE what to get. We need a quite, energy efficient dishwasher. Do you have one you love? What about one you hate that we should avoid?

2. Paint the bathroom. What's the hold up here? I need to caulk the shower where it meets the wall. I hate caulking! I need to just buy some caulk and go for it.

3. Replace curtains, window screens and a back screen door so we can keep a cooler house this summer. What's stopping us here? Actually, I just ordered some insulated, black-out curtains for our gigantic front window. I hope to buy a screen door the next time I go to Home Depot.

4. Finish deep cleaning the kitchen. What's the hold up here? Time and laziness! I did another task on Week 3 of my Kitchen Spring Cleaning checklist today. Hopefully I'll stay motivated to get that list done and create list 4.

There's my priority list. It looks like I'm off to Home Depot this week for caulk, paint, painter's tape, a curtain rod and a screen door. What are your projects this week?


  1. We have a Frigidaire dishwasher...quite and does the job good! My in-laws have the bosch and that's super nice! :)

    I can relate to your post. My husband and I have several little things to finish up on major projects. Like the kitchen that I've been waiting for him to finish up a wall so I can paint the very last wall in there...almost 1 year later. And my stack of pictures that have been in a basket for months now. So, we gave each other a deadline. This weekend...both projects will be done by Sunday night! :)

    Good luck to you!

  2. I too have been doing the same thing. Even took my husband round the house with me pointing out the jobs and priorites. This was 3 weeks ago. I have started to do some of the cleaning in the evening I promised myself I would do but that's about it.
    Procrastination is a terrible thing isn't it