Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crazy Impulse Buys

Flash back to last week when a hooping Facebook friend posted links to several videos for those wanting to try hooping. I ended up spending a few hours on You Tube over the next few days watching hooping videos like this one:
Doesn't that look cool and fun? I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to buy a hoop.

I bought this. I'm not sure that it technically qualifies as an impulse buy because I've wanted a good hula hoop for a few years.  

I know what you're thinking. That'll be hanging out in her garage, lonely and dusty, a year from now. 

All I know is I've hooped so much in the last few days my sides are a bit bruised. It's a fun way to exercise, a bit challenging to learn tricks and gives me a few minutes when the kids aren't climbing on me. And, I'm quite thrilled to say I've learned a couple of tricks already - though I think they just barely qualify as tricks. I can hoop and spin in place and I can walk frontwards, backwards and sideways while hooping. Cool, huh?

What are your crazy impulse buys? Do you have any kitchen appliances you just had to have? Clothing? Jewelry? A condo?

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  1. I'm a kitchen item impulse buyer. Our tiny kitchen, which more resembles a small hallway, has only 2 small upper cabinets, and one lower, yet I can't stop buying kitchen stuff! I have to constantly be purging. I think I finally have it under control... though I haven't yet used the La Creuset panini press I bought over a year ago. Hmmm. Maybe we'll have paninis for lunch today!