Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Game Where We Pretend to Be Mean to Each Other

My husband broke up what he thought was fighting amongst the group of four boys that wait for the school bus in front of our house each morning. It was evident, from our point of view, that feelings were getting hurt. When told they needed to stop being mean, one of the boys, age 7, looked at him with all seriousness and said, "We're just playing a game where we pretend to be mean to each other. We're not really being mean."

"Still, you need to stop," my husband replied and tried to explain something about how feelings get hurt that likely went over the kids' heads.

Was the game bullying? Hop on over to BlogHer to read the rest of this blog post. 

The above is taken from blog post I wrote for the BlogHer site.  I'm trying to become a more active member of the community. If you haven't checked out BlogHer, you should. It's a great resource for bloggers.

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