Monday, June 27, 2011

I Haven't Dropped Off the Face of the Earth

I'm still here! The kids are FINALLY done with school for the year, as of last Friday. The final two weeks of school always seem like a sprint to the finish with activities like end-of-year picnics, school concerts and various other things.

Now that summer vacation has begun, we get to create a new, more relaxed way of being for the next couple of months.

I do have some goals for the summer months, not the least of which is to do a major decluttering and deep cleaning. I'm going to focus first on finishing the kitchen and the bedrooms. I also need to finish up in the bathroom. I think I've taken procrastination to a new level as far as that is concerned!

I hope to get back into the swing of things with writing, too. I've been putting that on the back burner lately and it's time to jump into it again!

All that and I need to keep the kids busy. As I've learned, things are much easier when they are engaged. There's less fighting and they are happier over all. The two oldest will be enjoying camp, including overnight scout camp for both, at different times. My oldest is at a day camp for technology this week and my middle son will be doing the town's day camp with crafts and games, starting in two weeks. Add to that swimming, the library summer reading program, family camping, movies and many other activities and we should have a FUN summer!

What are your summer plans?

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