Monday, June 27, 2011

Junk in the Junk Drawer

I guess that's better than junk in the trunk, but still! Enough is enough!

I'm finally making my way through Week 3 of the Kitchen Cleaning Checklist. Today, I cleaned two kitchen drawers and two cupboards. I only had two drawers left, so I was forced to clean what is basically a junk drawer, though I was dreading it! I try to keep some kind of order here, because I have folders for each of the boys' important school papers, local restaurant menus and several other useful, necessary things. But, it ends up being a catch-all drawer, much to my annoyance.

I have three small containers in the drawer that all look like this:

If you look closely, you'll see lots of pennies, paperclips, safety pins, staples, a couple of monopoly pieces and some general odds and ends. The other little containers in this drawer have a variety of things. Some have more change than others. Some have odd business cards. You get the idea. I feel like the containers make the drawer look more organized than it actually is. Hey, at least all the stuff isn't scattered all over the bottom of the drawer. Right?

Anyway, I do have a change jar and a place to keep safety pins. I took the time today to sort all of this stuff and put it where it goes. It was kind of a pain in the rear, but I did it.

I used to pride myself on how organized I was with our family paperwork and banking. I balanced the check book to the penny every month. There was a time when I wouldn't have had a junk drawer like this. The Barb from about 10 years ago would have been slightly appalled at the state of this drawer and the little catch-all containers. But, it was really hard for me to keep on top of all this when I had my third child. Heck, it started to get tricky when I had my second, but I still managed. Everything broke loose with the third.

Now that he's three, I truly feel like I'm getting it together again. Not only am I better able to find the time to organize, but I seem to care again. Because, I honestly didn't for awhile. When you're taking care of an infant, a three year old and an eight year old, you tend to focus on the big stuff, like whether or not they are all fed and dressed. Who cares where the paperclips are, you know?

There are still lots of times when I can't devote even a minute to things like organizing and skimp on the daily cleaning because we are busy with kid stuff, but I've learned that it's okay. We can survive if the junk drawer is a mess.  As far as balancing the check book goes, it gets done, but with a wide margin of error these days.


  1. I think you are right that drawers are usually filled with useless stuff. I haven't thought of that before, although I clean the junk from my drawers every week.

  2. Yep, totally agree with the post as well with the comment above!

  3. Organizing things is very important for the room to be clean.The clutter can be cut when similar things are stacked together.Good ideas shared here surely.

  4. To organize things is in the essence of cleaning. You cannot start cleaning something, before making some kind of a plan first.
    Drawers are definitely one of my favourite places for decluttering. Great post :)