Friday, July 8, 2011

Bizarre Clutter Sentimental Moms Keep

Confessing about purging my sons' baby teeth from my jewelry box got me thinking. What other strange things do sentimental mothers keep? 

I've had friends openly admit to saving their baby's umbilical cord stumps. Usually it's moms in a post-partum haze, learning for the first time how fast kids grow that are guilty. The sweet, newborn phase lasts for a millisecond. The loss of the umbilical cord stump is the first milestone in a series of many. Before you know it, your kid will be driving.

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  1. This is pretty gross so brace yourself. My delivery was pretty difficult. My doctor had to use the forcips, but with that final push it ripped some of the skin off my beautiful baby's face. It scabbed up but eventually healed, leaving her with 2 faint scars (but big) on the side of her face. Any who, this crazy mother kept the scabs!

  2. Did you scrapbook them? Just kidding - lol! It's gross, but I do understand the urge to keep things like that. Now the question is, do you still have them?

  3. Yea, I still have them. They are in a ziolock bag in her baby book. lol!

  4. When he was a baby, my son swallowed one of his sister's Barbie teacups (it was very small). When he passed it, I washed it and put it in a keepsake bag.

  5. Anon - That is funny!

    I truly do understand the urge to keep this stuff (hence my jewelry box full of teeth!). It is so hard to let it go, and really, if it's not taking up a lot of space and it has a strong sentimental meaning, then why not? I think it only becomes a problem when it's a pattern and you end up saving everything.
    Thanks for sharing ladies! I appreciate it!