Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Hot as Hell

All attempts at keeping our house cool are out the window. With a high of 104 on our car thermometer yesterday and a low of 82 overnight, it's a lost cause for now. Cooling the house down enough to be comfortable during the day depends on night time temperatures in the 60s. We're not even close this week.

The temperature at 10:00 AM on Friday, July 22, 2001 in Upstate NY
While our new, insulated curtains are helping, it's still hot in here. I'm aiming to keep the indoor temperature about 10 degrees cooler than the outdoor temp. That's the best we can do until the heat wave breaks.

In the meantime, we're trying our best to not make it any worse than it has to be. Here's what we're doing:

Running the bedroom air conditioner at night. We've only got one, so fans are blowing directly on the people who don't have an AC in their room. Tonight, we may all squeeze into the cold bedroom.

Not cooking. Last night, we had smoothies for dinner. Tonight, I think it's going to be salad. No one feels like eating much anyway.

Staying hydrated. This one speaks for itself, but it's an important one.

Playing in the water. The boys have free reign with the hose and sprinkler in the backyard and we're going swimming at a nearby lake often.

Using lots of fans. Air seems cooler when it's moving. I don't know if it actually is, but it feels better at any rate.

Hoping Sunday comes quickly! The heat wave is supposed to be over by Sunday. Bring on the cold front! At this point, daytime temps in the low 80s seems like a cold front.

Obsessively checking the weather. I can't help but look at one of the local TV station's weather sites frequently. I'm slightly obsessed.  Maybe that's not keeping me cool, but I somehow feel better when I know I only have X number of hours to go before the heat breaks.

How are you staying cool?

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  1. thank god we got AC 3 years ago when my DD was born. We hardly ever us it but this week I have been praising God for helping my DH find the deal he got on the new Furnace and AC add on. But I have to tell you that on a normal basis (like when Hell has not leaked leaked out) we use a whole house fan. I was totally against such a purchase but it has been a life saver on many occasions. We are currently looking for a new home and I am always looking to see where the whole house fan can go.