Friday, August 12, 2011

From the Expert: How to Waste Time

I've been lazy lately. And, in a bit of a funk, though that seems to be lifting finally. Every now and then, we all get stuck in the doldrums, right? It's nothing serious, but I just kind of loose my motivation and don't do any more than I absolutely have to for a bit. I'm still getting dressed and brushing my teeth every day. The boys are fed, the dishes are washed and the floor's been vacuumed. I even made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes from our CSA - twice.

I'm not sure why I haven't felt like doing much. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the time of year. Or that time of month. Who knows?

Here's how I've been wasting time:

1. I watched the entire four seasons of Mad Men on Netflix. If you haven't seen that show, get on Netflix now and add it to your instant queue. It's a good one, not to mention a bit addicting. If you've seen it, do you not want to smack Betty Draper Frances?  

2. I read the Facebook page for my college that's called "You Know You Went to *College if You..." It's pretty hilarious and brings back a lot of memories.

Photo Courtesy of Chohdra at Morguefile.
3. I heard a local rumor that someone let two cougars, otherwise known as mountain lions, loose in our town to take care of the coyotes. I had to spend some time Googling pictures of cougars and talking about them with my kids. We're a bit fascinated. The person I heard the rumor from says her neighbor has a picture of one of the cougars.

It's not the first mountain lion rumor I've heard in this area. However, NY State's official position is that there are no mountain lions in NY State. Even if there are, where the heck would someone have gotten their hands on two they then released into our local area? And, I'd love to know why the coyotes scare them enough to feel like they have to take action, yet they are perfectly fine with mountain lions roaming around.

I don't think there really are mountain lions here. I'm betting the rumor is just a rumor and the picture is likely a bobcat or some other, less deadly creature. Maybe it's a coyote.

What have you been up to this summer? What are your favorite summer shows? Favorite ways to waste time on-line? Do you have mountain lions in your area?


  1. As a school teacher, now retired, I always look forward to summer for projects--usually sewing. The last two years I have worked on quilts for gifts--one for a wedding and one a tree skirt for my sister-in-law. This summer I taught a counseling class Sunday afternoons at my church. The class was videotaped, which brings up another project that my doctor mentioned to me. When you are videotaped, you see HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT AGAIN!

  2. Hey Barb!
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