Monday, August 22, 2011

Have You Looked Up Lately?

I did today and I was a bit shocked by what I saw.

We have an active spider population in our house this month.

Photo courtesy of Adelfin at Morguefile.
I've always thought spiders come indoors when outdoor temperatures dip, but according to The Burke Museum Spider Myth site, this isn't true. House spiders and outdoor spiders are two different things. Outdoor spiders don't like it inside where the conditions are drier than outdoors and there isn't a steady supply of food. Likewise, indoor spiders are acclimated to their conditions and don't appreciate or survive in the outdoors.

So, why do we see more spiders indoors during the late summer?

It seems this is the typical mating season for some species of house spider. Sexually mature males start seeking mates and we see them on the prowl.

What this means in my house is that we have cobwebs on the ceiling and at the corners where the ceiling and walls meet. I've known for a bit that we had some webs up there, but today I looked up and focused on the problem. There were more than I thought.

I put the brush attachment on my vacuum wand and cleaned the webs out of the living room, entry way, hallway and part of the kitchen. Tomorrow, I'll check the bedrooms and bathroom.

Luckily, my ceiling is flat, so vacuuming up cobwebs is quite easy.

If you've got a textured ceiling, it might be a bit harder as the webs are sticky. Check out the Do It Yourself site for tips on cleaning webs and dirt from a textured ceiling.

A funny aside: When my oldest son was 2-3 years old, he thought spiders were called "cobs" because they lived in "cob"webs. 


  1. I should be "looking up," too! I notice some webs in my house. Thanks for the reminder about another cleaning necessity.

  2. Your little one was actually pretty close! Cobwebs used to be called coppewebs after the coppe spider. Coppeweb evolved into cobweb.

    Doesn't matter what they're called as far as I'm concerned. I don't like them in my house!!

  3. Laura - You're welcome!

    Judy - That's interesting! I don't like them in my house, either!