Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Comes Knocking

Here's a link to a fun little article I wrote for the Yahoo! Contributor Network about our experience with Hurricane Irene today.

Hurricane Irene Soaks Upstate NY Basement and Bravado

For the record, what I wrote in the article is true. My husband really did clean our gutters in the middle of the hurricane. 


  1. Oh - I forgot to mention, in case anyone notices or is wondering, Lucy John is my pen name with Yahoo! They were my very first on-line writing gig. I wasn't feeling very confident in the whole thing and was wary about on-line writing, so I signed up with a pen name.

  2. Good for you, Barb, aka "Lucy John"! Congratulations on getting published on the spot. We live in an amazing age of communication.

    It sounds like the whole family worked together to keep the water out of the basement. What you learned can help in other storms. Maybe your electricity didn't go out, because you just posted.


  3. Thanks Carol.

    Our power stayed on throughout. Over the greater Upstate area, there were some power outages, but our town has been fine.

    The storm's finally over. I'm glad it's done!

  4. Glad the damage was minimal! And, ha, I guess it's going to take flooding for my husband to clean out the gutters ...