Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Break Out the Hot Cocoa: We're Thinking Winter Coats Today

It's a very seasonable 60-ish degrees today. Certainly not cold enough for winter coats.

But, it IS time to assess the winter gear situation and figure out what we need for the upcoming season of ice and snow.

Tomorrow is our local, semi-annual consignment sale. It's the perfect opportunity to stock up on snow  boots, snow pants and polyester fiber-filled jackets. If you don't have an upcoming consignment sale, you can scout garage sales, Craig's List and your local store circulars to find great deals on needed winter items.

Trust me. This is the time. I've waited until the first snow fall to buy snow pants before. It's not easy to track them down in December. You'll likely find them in this neck of the woods, but it may take a few tries at a few different stores. And, if your kid has a growth spurt and needs a new pair in February, you're pretty much out of luck.

Sometimes, we moms learn the hard way. Like when our kid rips his winter jacket in early March and we find ourselves searching for a replacement to last the remaining few weeks of winter.

Keep your kids warm and toasty all winter with these tips:

Buy Early - This goes without saying, but buying early means you'll have the best selection and you'll be able to look for great deals.

Buy Big - Go up a size when picking out winter gear. You want it to last all winter and, if you're lucky, into the next.

Buy Extra - Living in the Northeast with three active boys has taught me the value of having spare winter jackets for each of them. Let's just say that I've had more than a few mornings when a child has brought me a soaking wet jacket from playing in the snow minutes before the school bus comes. Hand-me-downs are great for making sure everyone has two winter jackets.

After gathering all of our winter gear, I discovered that my 7-year-old son has 3 jackets, 3 pairs of snow pants and a pair of boots that fit. How that happened, I have no idea, but they are all hand-me-downs from his brother. He's ready for winter to start tomorrow!

My oldest needs everything. He had a major growth spurt over the summer and nothing fits. My youngest needs snow pants and one jacket.

After the consignment sale, we'll be ready for the snow to fly!

Are you set for winter?


  1. I have gotten great winter sweaters and coats, new to me, in Florida where people move and get rid of their clothes. When you visit here, stock up at the Goodwill or consignment stores. I even got a leather coat for about $100, worth maybe $1000.

    Still in summer!

  2. Oy, I am so incredibly glad I live in a place that doesn't really have winter. And glad I don't have kids :) My winter "prep" consists of making sure my wool coat doesn't have any moth holes, making sure my umbrella still opens, and replacing my windshield wiper blades.

  3. Carol - That's a great tip about shopping Goodwill in your state! I will definitely if I'm ever down that way again!

    Anon - Ahh...you're winter prep sounds like a vacation to me - lol!