Monday, September 5, 2011

New School Year = New System of Organization

I have a kitchen counter that's become my substitute desk.

There's no room in the house for me to have an actual desk where I can pay bills, organize papers and do all other desk-related household work. For a while, the kitchen counter worked for me. I kept it pretty organized, even though it did have a tendency to become a catch-all. Still, I'd sort through everything regularly.

Another section of our counter was being used by non-food related activities as we acquired more gadgets. The charging station had taken over counter space and was expanding now that we've committed to using rechargeable batteries. Two cell phones, two Nintendo DSs, two battery chargers and one Nook take up a lot of counter space. And, I was okay with that for a bit.  

Then, something changed.

I wanted my counters back!

They're prime kitchen real estate, after all.  

Yesterday, I streamlined. Our old baker's rack is now my official, makeshift office. I hung a wall organizer next to it and moved all gadgets to the new charging station.
Wall Organizer from Thirty-One Gifts
I tried to get a picture of the whole thing, but it wasn't working. So, I mostly took a picture of the wall organizer, without which this whole plan would have failed. All of the paperwork that was previously on my counter is now neatly organized here.  

There's a pocket for each of my boys, one for my husband and two for me!  

School paperwork that I need to keep, like schedules and field trip forms, will go in the boys' pockets. My husband's bank statements and other paperwork will go in his. I have two pockets since I handle just about all of the family's paperwork. There's also a small pocket for important phone numbers and one for appointment cards. And, there's a spot for a calendar, which I still need to purchase. 

I'd like to say this was a paid ad, but it's not. I bought this organizer from Thirty-One after searching Wal-mart and Target for something similar. They had small organizers, but I needed lots of space to truly be organized.  

The baker's rack holds a basket for receipts, a box for bills and all of our charging gadgets on a lower shelf. The bottom shelf still holds our paper recycling.

I'm quite happy with it. I LOVE having the free space on my counters. And, putting all the desk-type stuff together in one spot is a nice perk, too.

Here's to an organized school year! Have you made any organizational changes lately?

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  1. Great post and I too, need to declutter my home, office. That takes a lot of home space and It has been arrange also.