Friday, September 30, 2011

Woo Hoo! The Carpets Are Clean!

Wow! Wow! Wow! That sums up how I feel about our carpet cleaning today.

With three boys, a dog, 2 cats, a couple of kids that I babysit and several neighborhood kids in and out, our rugs and furniture take a beating. We've never paid for professional carpet cleaning before. But, a few recent circumstances, including a certain tropical storm named Irene that left stains on our finished basement carpet and a blight of fleas, had me itching to get things really clean.

I called a well-known steam cleaning chain early in the week and booked a cleaning for this morning. The guys were here early, charged me exactly what I was quoted and did a fantastic job. They convinced me to splurge on the extra deodorizing treatment, but I held my ground and said no thanks to the Scotchgard. What with the musty odor that lingered a tiny bit from the heavy rains and the mega dog smell that's been hitting us as soon as we open the front door lately, I figured a little deodorizing was a good thing.

My husband and I moved everything expect the big pieces of furniture off the floors, which in itself is a good way to get the nooks and crannies clean. We're going to let things dry out for a good 24 hours before we move the small pieces of furniture back. I think we'll probably rearrange a bit, too.

Today, the house feels clean and awesome! Or, as my 12-year-old son would say, epic.


  1. I am getting ready to have my carpets cleaned also. We have 3 small dogs and 1 child and we will splurge for the deodorizer also!

  2. The deodorizer is definitely worth it, Michelle!

  3. My pets have done a number (pun intended) on my carpets too. I had a rug professionally cleaned and it made a huge difference. Now that it is clean, I've tried to be more vigilant about using a spot cleaner on pet stains (and other stains) to keep the period between professional cleanings as long as possible. I've tried a bunch of cleaners... my current favorite I found on Amazon. It's called Christophers cleaner and has a dog on the lablel (the reason I bought it). A little expensive but works well and cheaper than the professional job by far. Any other suggestions to keeping my rugs and carpets like new?