Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Gifts that Won't Become Clutter

It's time to kick the Christmas shopping into high gear. When you've got a big list of people to buy for, it's really easy to fall into getting everyone a gift that will turn into clutter. Instead of buying any old toy or an article of clothing for everyone on your list, think about the clutter implications.

The key is to know the person you're shopping for. If you don't know the person that well, stick with something generic, but not clutter inducing. Avoid knick knacks and other clutter items. Consumables are a good bet for most age groups.

I put together a list of Christmas gift ideas that aren't likely to turn into clutter. These are things that work well for my family. Some are things my boys have loved and used frequently. For instance, science kits and craft supplies are always a big hit with them.

Some gift ideas on the list are things my husband and I love. Someone gave us a book light a few years ago. We thought it would be another piece of clutter, but ended up fighting over it (in a good natured way, of course). Then, my oldest son also claimed it for his own. This is really a great gift idea for anyone you know that's an avid reader.

I tried to keep the gift certificate suggestions to a minimum, but did add some specific ones. I can't think of a teen who wouldn't love a movie theater gift certificate. If you want to turn it into a gift that's wrappable, add a box of candy. 

If you've got great Christmas gift ideas you'd like to share, leave a comment. I'll make another list before the holiday shopping season is over! Here's the link to the list. (Remember, this is a free download.)

Christmas Gifts that Won't Become Clutter

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  1. I have found microsoft points, an amazon gift certificate or an itunes voucher to be very well received presents for christmas and birthdays!

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  2. Thanks for these great ideas! Other gift ideas could be for "experiences" like a spa treatment, tickets to a museum or to take a class. I've seen Groupon offer deals on music and dance lessons for pretty good prices. Being tight on money this year, I plan on doing a lot of baking for gifts. Your idea for the gifts in a jar is also one I will probably use!