Monday, November 7, 2011

New Sick Day Rule at Our House

I had a feeling the day was going to go like this. My two older boys are home from school "sick" today. Actually, my oldest really is sick. He woke up with a barky cough and a sore throat. He stayed in bed quietly for some time and is just now up and about a bit. His voice is somewhere between normal and barely above a whisper.

My second-oldest son, however, I should have sent to school. He has a mild cold, coughed a couple of times this morning, complained of a sore throat and hasn't stopped running and playing since I gave him the go ahead to stay home. Now, unfortunately, the whole crew is fighting.

Thus, our new sick day rule is born.

If you are too sick to go to school, you need to stay in bed and rest. There are no computer games and no TV.  It's not a freebie day.

Of course, I'll make an exception with the TV when the kids are truly sick. But, today, there's no TV. It's going to suck to stay home. There will be no fun of any kind. On Wednesday, they'll be praying the bus comes early.  (Our school district is closed tomorrow, which is election day.)

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  1. Amen to no more diaper bags! I keep my "real bag" super simple these days...

    -lip tint (say yes to tomatoes)
    -small toys, usually cars

    With my first, I didn't leave the house without taking her entire nursery... My second was lucky if I bothered to pack him a change of clothes (poor kid). I just love being free of all.that.stuff.