Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Ones for the Ladies

Toxic household cleaning products may be linked to breast cancer risk.

I'm not surprised. Anytime you use funky chemicals with names you can't pronounce, whether it's in cleaning products, scented candles, air fresheners or in the food you eat, you've got to question the long-term health implications.

The expert in the article recommends what people with common sense have been advocating all along. Use vinegar, baking soda, and soap and water for your cleaning needs. Not only are the natural cleaners safer, they're frugal, easy and get the job done.

Check out the full article here:

Household Cleaning Products May Increase Breast Cancer Risks


  1. Great article with practical advice. I work within the cleaning industry writing cleaning articles myself and found your advice very informative and well researched indeed...thanks.

  2. Great tips! Everyone should be concerned about what's in their cleaner, AND everything in their homes.

    Nice blog!

  3. I'm a carpet cleaner in the Uk and i find that these days customers.
    are genuinely interested in what's in the chemicals i use to clean there carpets. especially if they have young children or pets.
    I always make sure that the products are totally safe so the customers happy.

  4. We are actually talking about environment and health for one of my college courses right now and I learned a lot. I began down sizing my cleaning products and now I only use TWO things, honestly :)

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