Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Start an Argument Amongst the 10 & Under Crowd

If you give the kids homemade apple-cinnamon pop-tarts after school, they'll ask you for some milk.

When you tell them there isn't enough milk for everyone, they'll swear they're dying of thirst.

Then they'll want to make lemonade.

You'll have to let them.

On the way to the refrigerator, they'll see more pop tarts on the counter. They'll want to eat them.

You'll tell them the pop tarts are for older brother and Mr. Hacker, who aren't home yet. Besides, there are only three pop tarts and four kids. Fighting ensues. Who should have the extra? 

In my book, that means the recipe was a success and the roughly two hours of prep time was worth it.

In the end the boys decided Mr. Hacker should have the extra because he had to go to New Jersey yesterday. I'm not sure I follow their logic, but it stopped the argument, so it works for me.

The kids I babysit are here after school today and one of them is having a birthday. I thought it'd be the perfect day to try out the homemade pop-tarts. If you make them, double the filling recipe. The dough and glaze made enough for 9-12 pop tarts (I made 9, but could have made 12). The filling made enough for about 6. I stretched it to fit the 9 crusts I'd prepared. If you're doing the math, you're probably wondering what happened to the 9th pop tart. We had all agreed ahead of time birthday boy could have two.

Despite the stingy filling, they were awesome. Next time I'll try one of the other flavor combinations, possibly the double chocolate. Yum!

Remember, if you make them, the kids may argue and you may have a sugar and lemon juice mess to clean off the counters.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, my new obsession.  In addition to the yummy homemade pop-tart recipe, I've found lots of recipes for cleaners, which I blogged about last week, organizational tips and other cool recipes, some I've tried and some I haven't yet.


  1. Ha ha ha! Those look yummy, I might be willing to fight Mr. Hacker for one too! LOL. Found you on the blog hop on bloggymoms. Your newest follower-Kim

  2. YUMMO!!! I am a HUGE poptart fan, so I am definitely going to try these out. Thanks for the recipe. I too am addicted to's so fun huh?


  3. I'll have to check out these homemade pop tarts! Yummy! Stopping by from BloggyMoms!

  4. Thanks everyone! Mr. Hacker was kind enough to share his extra pop tart with me. They're just as good cold as they are warm from the oven! Yum!