Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Great Debates: Toilet Seat Up or Down?

I'm not bothered in the least when one of my crew leaves the toilet seat up after they do their business.

Photo courtesy of alvmann at Morguefile.
Well, sometimes it annoys me if I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and don't notice that it's up, but that rarely happens.

In my house, I'd be a lot happier to see the toilet seat up than down. When it's always down, I know that means my little guys aren't putting it up when they pee. You know what that means, right?

Pee on the seat.

That's what irks me. I've sat on a wet seat many more times than I've sat on the toilet with the lid up. You'd think I'd get into the habit of wiping the seat down every time I go to the bathroom.

Somehow, the great toilet seat debate has become a running theme in our culture. You've likely heard comedians joke about it, read etiquette columns regarding toilets and grappled with the issue in your own home, depending on what your preferences are.

Check out this Men's Weekly article for the masculine viewpoint. It sounds like he's gracious enough to put the seat up when he pees, but resents having to put it back down again. I'm pretty sure he's over thinking it. What's the big deal? Leave it up if you want. Put it down if you want. We can all get along.    

I've lived with boys almost all my life. I grew up with two younger brothers and now have a husband and three sons. I'll take a toilet seat that's left up over a sprinkled seat any day.

Your turn:

Do you have a toilet seat preference? Any toilet seat pet peeves? I love comments, so this is the chance to voice your opinion on this burning social issue. You can, of course, post anonymously. ;)


  1. I worked in a place that had a public bathroom shared with the employees who were for the most part female. It was a bone of contention at times, especially with one woman. She tended to be kind of a controlling type any way.
    I agree with you, Clearing Up the Clutter. It's not worth the hassle of getting in a snit over it. Wish all my problems could be as easily dismissed as this one! Thanks for the post!

  2. I live in a house with three boys and one man. My husband and I decided to train our boys to put all the lids down after using the toiliet. It looks nicer and nothing accidentally falls into it. My husband lived in a household where his mother was the only woman, and he was trained this way. I think it is the most respectful way for all. When my boys were little we would have competitions to see if the lids were down. I would go randomly check and if it was they would all get a small treat. It worked.

  3. In my house, I ask that BOTH seats remain closed when not in use. This helps keep the water from evaporating (I'm a guilty water-saver) and also just looks more presentable to me (and keeps 2 year olds out of the water a little easier as well).

    So, EVERYONE has to lift at least 1 thing to use the toilet, and put at least 1 thing back down. If a guy needs to urinate, he can lift both in 1 fell swoop and close both (carefully) in 1 step as well.

    This seems pretty fair to me on everyone!

  4. Okay folks... here's the Health Reasons on the seat up or down debate. Everyone should put the seat and the LID down Before you flush! Period. When you flush with the lid up guess what gets sprayed into the air in tiny water droplets that bounce out of your bowl? Whatever was IN the bowl. So re-train yourselves and your households and put the LID down before you flush. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! These comments have been enlightening! I had no idea it was general practice to put both seats down. We used to do that because a cat we had would drink out of the toilet (gross). But, she died several years ago (unrelated to toilet drinking), so that's fallen by the wayside. I tend to be a germaphobe and the possibility of germs soaring out of the toilet never crossed my mind. I'll have to rethink this whole toilet seat issue!

  6. To avoid pee on the seat, teach the boys to sit down and tuck it in to pee. No spray on the walls and everything lands nice and neatly in the bowl. I always know when son's friends have been over because I have to wash walls along with the toilet, gross!