Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick, Cute Valentine for Kids

I just put together these cute Valentine's Day cards for my son to take to school for his classmates tomorrow. I found the idea at Just Jenn Rants & Raves. Hers are MUCH nicer than mine. I don't have a color printer, card stock or pencils, so I worked with what I have on hand.

My printer is saying "low toner" right now, but I had enough to get the job done. I printed the pictures on regular paper and glued them onto red construction paper. Good enough. And, I'm pretty sure my 7-year-old son will dig them.


  1. Very cute and it looks great! Thanks for calling by at my blog and getting an All Year Round blog carnival button. We'd love you to link-up a spring cleaning post to the spring carnival. Spring cleaning definitely fits the carnival theme! :)

  2. Cool mother! How is the search for the iPod (I love mine too) coming? How are the boys doing on their rooms? Mom has time to do things for them when they do their part!

    Happy Valentines Day to the five of you!


  3. Just came across your blog, and thought this valentine was cute! :) I look forward to doing the little things like this once my little one is in school - or maybe I will tire of it quickly? :) Great blog!

  4. Thanks Sunnymama!

    Carol - The search for the iPod isn't going so well. No luck yet. It'll turn up, I'm sure of it! The boys are doing great with their rooms. My oldest has even jumped on the bandwagon. Yay! Happy Valentines day to you and your husband!

    Jamie - Thanks. If you're like me, you'll tire of making cute snacks and crafts, but then you'll be into it again. It comes and goes in waves - lol! Nothing wrong with sending in store bought stuff when you aren't feeling crafty, but then going for it when you do. Thanks for visiting! Hope you stick around! :)