Monday, February 20, 2012

Tension Rod + Messy Spice Cupboard = Organization!

This neat little organizing trick is another great Pinterest find. My spice cupboard looked like this:
I bought a small tension rod at Walmart for roughly $3.50. It was the smallest tension rod available. I installed it in the back of the cupboard like this:
I put all the small spice jars on the rod. Then, I replaced everything else and was able to fit in most of the things that were on the second shelf, as well. It looks like this:
It feels so organized!

Check out Found on Pinterest: Brilliant Organizing Ideas for a cool tip to organize your child's coloring books.  


  1. My wife and I just bought a plastic bag holder that fits underneath the counter. Very convenient as those bags took up a whole cabinet.

  2. Thanks Resweater!

    Chris - I hear you! Those bags are annoying! You could hang a tension rod in the cabinet, hang one bag from it and stuff that bag with the other bags. I've also seen it used to hang spray bottles of cleaning products.

  3. Looks super organised! I guess you'll have to use the same sized pots from now on though, no changing brands or they won't fit!

  4. Hey great idea and looks much more organized. Im off the walmart.