Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello New Books

Yesterday I was lamenting how hard it is to start a new book after finishing a particularly excellent one. Today, I stocked up at the library book sale with a bunch more. I just can't help myself. I've made my peace with the Hunger Games and am ready to move on.

I was pretty happy to find books that have been on my must-read list for some time. I also found a few Ken Follett books. He's been one of my favorite authors ever since I read Pillars of the Earth. I also got a small stack of books for the kids.

This, after donating a bagful of books to the same library a few weeks ago. So much for decluttering! 


  1. Have you read the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo? I have heard the series is good.

  2. I haven't. I started reading the first book and couldn't get into it. My mother-in-law liked it, though, so I should give it another chance.

  3. Such a good idea to do this. We have a used book store where we can trade books and I need to do that. Also, I like sharing books on my Nook or listening on my iPod. Hey, Barb, did you ever find your iPod? Maybe I missed this.


  4. Carol - I miss having a good used book store nearby. You are lucky! I did find my iPod. It was way down in the chair. So thankful I have it back!

  5. Hey Barb! You know, if you liked The Hunger Games, you could try Ravenwood by Andrew Peters. Just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it. No offense :)