Monday, April 30, 2012

No Worries: This Birthday Party is Potato Free!

My middle son is turning eight years old on Wednesday. I can hardly believe it. Seven has been a pretty great year for him, so I'm excited to find out what eight brings.

First on the list is a birthday party with roughly ten of his closest friends after school. I'm feeling decidedly unprepared. That's kind of a scary feeling! I know what happens when a group of seven and eight-year-old boys is bored.

When my older son turned eight, the party guests were throwing potatoes at each other in the backyard. The spuds were part of a science experiment that was somewhat lame and boring. The kids were supposed to push straws through raw potatoes. Apparently, it wasn't a very cool activity. Before I knew it, potatoes were flying through the air and someone was crying.
Photo courtesy of jeltovksi at Morguefile.
The potato incident has become a family joke. Whenever I ask what we should do for activities at any kid-centered gathering, by husband always says, "just don't get any potatoes out."

Other than not playing with potatoes, I've got very few ideas.

I need your help!

What tried and true party games have you done with kids in the 7-10 age range?

Remember, these are boys. While I'm sure they'd enjoy a craft, most of the activities need to be active and/or messy.


  1. Weather permitting....get a bunch of water balloons and water guns and let them have at it. If not maybe some painting using the splatter paint method. Do fun games (Ellen always has fun silly game ideas) that require lots of movement (ie backyard obstacle course).

  2. Thank you for reminding me why I never host birthday parties at my house. Whatever you do, have them burn off some energy right away (15laps around the house?). It might help. Good luck - my oldest turns 8 next week!

  3. Mag - Weather is iffy this time of year, otherwise, we'd be doing water guns 7 balloons for sure! I like the idea of splatter painting! That could work! THANK YOU!

    Marianne - Great idea! Maybe not laps, but I'll make sure we've got a basketball and a few other things out for arrival time.

  4. When my brother had his ninth birthday party, we had a treasure hunt. The guys really had fun. Our Mom hid a bunch of chocolates in the attic, but they (kind of) melted. Hope that creates an idea in you :P

  5. And hey, I just wanted to inform you that I changed my blog's URL (yet again) and now, it's

  6. Thanks Nivedha! The treasure hunt was my back-up plan. If the kids got bored or started fighting, I was going to distract them with buried treasure - lol. Thanks for sharing your new URL. :)